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Freshly prepared food fresh from the farm


After careful consideration of all the facts and balancing the risks against the benefits of continuing to open the Bistro we will be operating our “business as usual” policy like many other businesses where the public gather, such as supermarkets, schools and libraries.


We will therefore not be imposing any ‘stay away’ or ‘self-isolating’ restrictions at the Bistro. *(see below)


We do, however, ask customers to be sensible and heed government / health professionals advice concerning their own health and take common sense precautions that we would expect people to take with any kind of contagious illness such as colds or flu, which may include staying at home to restrict the spread.


At this stage of the epidemic, our priority, in line with government guidance, is to simply try and improve hand and general hygiene. We have ample hand washing facilities in the toilet block of the Bistro which is fully stocked.


Additional measures we are taking include: -

  1. Cutlery, napkins and condiments will only be put on table as people sit and will be sanitized after use
  2. All our tables are more than 1m apart
  3. Tables and chairs are sanitized after every use
  4. All door handles and toilets are regularly sanitized


Anyone (or a family member) who is self-isolating or would prefer to eat at home – we now offer a “heat at home” service with a range of freshly prepared food which is also suitable for home freezing. These can be collected or delivered within the local area. Details on our website


* We would like to urge all those visiting the Bistro & Tearoom, to refrain from doing so if you are showing any symptoms relating to the recent COVID 19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

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